Journalists love quirky ‘why has no one ever thought of that before’ stories and here’s proof.

Journalists love quirky ‘why has no one ever thought of that before’ stories and here’s proof.

Cheap and 100% recyclable cardboard furniture – designed by students for students.
That’s the novel idea that caught the eye of a Metro journalist and prompted this page lead.

Great publicity for inventor Gareth Swarte – a Manchester Business School student – who launched The Cardboard Man business.

The media gets bombarded with press releases about new product launches constantly. Many claim to be the newest/fastest/best/ most efficient thingy since the last newest/fastest/best/ most efficient thingy thingy. To catch a journalist’s attention you have to have something that’s genuinely new, quirky or satisfies a need.
Flatpack cardboard furniture which assembles in minutes, is environmentally friendly and money-saving has all of those magic ingredients.

As a result it makes a quirky story for the Metro business section. Metro often has ‘fun’ business stories designed to get the attention of millions of commuters on their way to work. This is a great example of that.
It’s publicity that money can’t buy for The Cardboard Man. His online store and eBay shop will have been inundated with potential new customers thanks to the Metro coverage.

Using PR to help your business/charity/organisation grow is the kind of PR that Mary Murtagh Media trains in our ‘How to do your own PR’ workshops. Because despite the mistrust that the public sometimes have for the media, they still make buying decisions based on what they read, listen to or watch.

Which brings us to a cautionary tale for all those hoping to get column inches and make their business phone ring – make sure you’ve got the capacity to cope with an influx of calls, emails and social media activity.
If your website crashes, calls go unanswered or orders go unfulfilled you’d have been better off without the publicity. Because instead of potential customers not knowing about you, they now know about you but think you’re rubbish.

PR is a powerful tool… wield it wisely.

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