Why media coverage is worth more than advertising – a case study

Why media coverage is worth more than advertising  – a case study

It’s a simple newspaper cutting taped to a Whitby chemist’s window.

But it represents the power of PR and the impact media coverage can have on a business.

The Daily Mail covers health extensively, always has and always will. If there’s a new wonder drug, miracle cure or heartbreaking cancer survivor case study they’ll have the story and cover it well.

So if you’re a charity, drugs company or from a healthcare business and you get written about in the Daily Mail expect an avalanche of interest.

Expect your phone to ring, your website traffic to spike and your product/service to sell.

That’s because the Daily Mail has a massive readership – both in terms of the hard copy and online. Its average daily circulation of 1,708,006 makes it the second biggest selling national in the UK, after The Sun. Its online version – Daily Mail online – is a colossus.

That’s why a Daily Mail online health feature with the headline: ‘New gel could relieve the agony of arthritis without the side-effects of painkillers’ was stuck up in a canny Yorkshire pharmacy with ‘now in stock’ emblazoned across it.

Flexiseq is a new product which helps arthritis sufferers. Getting media coverage like that is publicity that money can’t buy. People do make buying decisions based on what they read, see and hear in the media. If the Daily Mail is writing about a product like this it will be interpreted as a third party endorsement by potential customers.

When the Daily Mail did a story about a face cream stocked by one of the discount supermarkets being better for anti-aging than all the terribly expensive market leaders’ products, there was a rush on their stores. Shelves were stripped of this ‘miracle’ cream within hours. That’s the power of media coverage in action.

That cutting in the chemist’s window is very likely to have generated sales – people walking in off the street to buy a tube of Flexiseq. Multiply that effect by the number of readers the Daily Mail has and you can start to see the value of media coverage on your business’s bottom line.

That’s why start ups, entrepreneurs and MDs love our ‘How to do your own PR’ training. We show them how to leverage media coverage to make their company grow. Just how do you get the Daily Mail to write about you, your product or service?  What kind of stories are the media looking for? What do you do next if you think you have something newsworthy for a journalist? These are just some of the questions we answer in our DIY PR workshops. If your business would benefit from attending then drop us a line on the ‘contact us’ page.

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