Public Speaking

Keep your audience enthralled with our seasoned, captivating and informative speakers.

Public Speaking

We hear “that was hilarious”, “I learnt so much” and “can we book you again?” a lot from clients who use our public speaking services.

Our 30 to 45 minute talks are designed to entertain, educate and keep an audience captivated.

Our talks include :

  • Memoirs of a newspaper hack – talk outline
  • Typing and travelling: memoirs of a globetrotting travel writer – talk outline
  • The fourth estate: history of the UK’s newspapers – talk outline


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Some of our Public Speaking clients include:


You provided us with a fascinating and well-researched talk which kept our members enthralled. The speaker was confident, clear and a winner with any audience. I would recommend your talks unreservedly.

Mike Nichol, Society of Thirteen chairman

Your talk to Birkdale U3A was fun, insightful and educational all at the same time. Our members thoroughly enjoyed it and loved quizzing the speaker about their life as a journalist and the current state of the media. A thoroughly engaging speaker who I can heartily recommend.

Barry Will, Birkdale U3A

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